Corporate Philosophy

Our Corporate Philosophy is based on the following:


Clay Piping Systems’ number one priority on the job site is safety. Safety is an action word. Every level of the workforce has the authority to alter or stop work to correct an issue causing an unsafe environment.  We take a proactive approach to safety and make sure that all safety standards and procedures are being strictly adhered to. This includes staying up to date with safety standards by continually training and educating through comprehensive, certified classes. Our commitment to safety allows us to increase efficiency, quality, and overall client satisfaction. IF IT’S NOT SAFE, WE WON’T DO IT!

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These connections and positive relationships are fundamental to our success in deriving repeat clients and sustaining our professional relationships. These relationships are created from our experience in the industry and years of trouble-free and minimized maintenance service.


Our commitment to our client stands above all. We are laser-focused on total client satisfaction. Through communication and work with the client, we are able to gauge their needs and desires for the mechanical/plumbing systems. This allows us to design our plans thoroughly and eliminate any possible post-construction changes. Our commitment to quality construction and meeting job schedules allows us to minimize the total cost of the project and also ensure end-user satisfaction.


Technology is a forever-changing facet of our lives. Awareness and implementation of improvements in field construction, design & technical advancements is our standard. We achieve this through updated education and training with plumbing/mechanical systems along with the tools that create them. By fostering the most up-to-date technology, we create the highest form of efficiency within all aspects of the company.


This is the realization that we are all accountable to each other for our professional and personal performance as part of a team that is focused on shared success, cost control, and quality. We all win in this kind of environment where everyone shares knowledge, expertise, and experience while keeping their commitments to each other.

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